Could stream flow again?

Eastbourne’s first public reservoir fed by the rising of the Bourne stream in Motocombe gardens is a much-loved local landmark.

Despite a steady overflow leaving the park beneath the adjacent bowling green it soon disappears.

The gardens of the Goffs are close to the town centre but still remain an oasis for wildlife.

The houses used to enjoy the sparkle and gurgling of water at the bottom of their gardens but they now only have a dry bed and a memory of this clear chalk fed stream.

As an Old town resident, with a keen interest in local history, I wonder whether the stream can flow again?

Moat Croft road, adjacent to Waitrose used to convey the stream to the rear of a small convent on the opposite side of this road but new sewer works may have triggered a convenient diversion of this ancient watercourse into an underground sewer culvert.

I have contacted the Environment Agency today but they can only start an investigation into this issue if an unlawful diversion of a natural watercourse has taken place without the necessary permit.

Richard Walder

Charleston Road