Could someone explain this irony?

DID anyone else listen to the wonderful irony within the news stories on local radio today?

East Sussex County Council was spouting on in their patronising tones about education being so important that they had handed out hundreds of fines to parents who had dared to take their kids away from school for a few days.

Next was news that teachers were all about to go on strike again.

These of course being the very same teachers employed by East Sussex County Council who feel the children’s education is so important that they should not be allowed a day off without a draconian fine.

The same teachers who are now unable to train in their own time and use up teaching days by having inset days.

The same teachers who only have 13 weeks holiday every year.

The same teachers who finish work at 3pm every day.

Am I missing something?

Steve Field

Gilbert Way, Hailsham