Could cuts be found elsewhere?

AFTER years of unfulfilled hopes of the seeing the police actually “on the street”, at last they are making an appearance “in the open” to survey people’s opinions on the local police force.

Whilst recognising the need to reduce their costs, how on earth can they hope for more personal contact with the local community when they are reducing Seaford Police Station’s activity by 30 hours per week? Not all people have access to the internet, or even own a mobile phone – remember that Seaford is a town of mainly elderly residents.

A police station that closes at lunch time until the following morning is portraying an underactive force, hoping that personal contact can be “modernised” by use of technology. Whilst realising we won’t see the likes of Dixon of Dock Green again, surely the cuts could be found by other means – maybe a reduction of those many informal meetings amongst themselves?

They want stronger relationships with the local community, they say. This is not the right way to go about it, and very worrying for those who find themselves burgled after 2pm on the same day!

Let’s face it, we know how often the lines are engaged, or being subjected to “press 1 to 4 options”, don’t we?

Mary Clarke

Marine Crescent, Seaford