‘Convenience is anything but’

AT THE tail end of last year Dr Simon Jeffs made a spirited defence of Eastbourne’s rail services and as the editor of Live Rail magazine he clearly knows his subject.

Since then, however, your correspondents have reported a battery of shortcomings about the service and Eastbourne station.

There is one further deficiency yet to be commented upon: the lavatory facilities.

For a major seaside rail terminal, the convenience is anything but.

To start with, the signage on the doors confuses the 12-hour with the 24-hour clock. We are told that the doors are locked at 16.00. In fact they remain open until six o’clock.

Yet what sort of time is that for the majority of rush-hour workers arriving back from London?

At all similar stations – Brighton, Haywards Heath, Lewes, Hastings – lavatory facilities are available until many hours later.

I have even known toilets on a train to be out of action and public announcements made for the benefit of ongoing travellers to Hastings that the train will stay put long enough for passengers to use the facilities at Eastbourne.

On arrival they have found the toilets locked. And now we hear the situation is to prove even worse with carriages no longer to include toilets at all.

I have written to the station manager at Eastbourne and, not for the first time, have received no explanation, nor even an acknowledgment. Perhaps Dr Simon Jeffs could bring some influence to bear in his magazine.

Edward Thomas

Collington Close