Controlling rabbits a necessary process

I HAVE a number of comments regarding the piece about rabbit culling in Jevington.

1) I have read the Pests Act referred to by the council spokesman - clearly neither Mr Ingram nor your reporter have bothered to. It quite clearly states the legal position requiring land occupiers to kill or take wild rabbits.

2) Mr Ingram states that when the matter was discussed, four councillors voted against readdressing the matter and two voted in favour? When I was a borough councillor in London, that was called democracy - does he not understand that?

3) Why are people being encouraged to sign a petition to attempt to force the local council to break the law? A council has a duty to perform its functions in a legal manner. If Mr Ingram really feels strongly about the issue may I suggest he employs his energy in lobbying central government for a change in the law, rather than hounding his own council colleagues over an issue they cannot control.

4) And finally, who exactly is Mr Ingram representing here? Does he speak for his parishioners? Or is this a personal crusade?

He owns land next to the recreation ground, so has a clear prejudicial interest.

I am sure his council colleagues are mightily impressed by his actions.

If he has any credibility at all, he should resign immediately and apologise for misrepresenting the council in such an appalling manner.


Kings Drive