Controlling rabbits a necessary process

OH DEAR, oh dear! I had to laugh when reading the article in Wednesday’s Gazette regarding the rabbits in Jevington recreation ground.

FACT: Jevington is a rural village .

FACT: The recreation ground (which incidentally is one of the most beautiful in Sussex) backs directly onto the Downs.

FACT: Wild rabbits are registered pests and have to be controlled, which is partly why mixi has never been eradicated.

How exactly does this Mr Ingram think the rabbits would be controlled if it were not for land occupiers taking responsibility and culling when needed?

Perhaps he would have us rabbit proof the entire South Downs? And who would pay for such nonsense, why the loyal tax payer I suppose.

We have similar problems in East Dean, and any reasonable person knows that shooting and ferreting of rabbits is a necessary process.

They cannot be left uncontrolled, or we would be over run within months. I think Mr Ingram needs a reality check!


Hillside, East Dean