Continued dismay over Wish Tower

WHEN the decision was taken to close and eventually demolish the Wish Tower, Eastbourne lost one of its major tourist attractions.

I am a frequent visitor to the seafront and so very many holidaymakers have expressed their disappointment and disgust that this facility no longer functions.

Some find it hard to believe and they climb up the hill and see for themselves.

Some say that they will not visit the resort again and express the sentiment that Eastbourne ‘has had it.’

Many are also puzzled by the state of the frontage of the Congress Theatre.

A half demolished Arndale Centre will surely put Eastbourne on the map for all of the wrong reasons.

In the current economic climate the councillors should get their act in order, and not indulge in having so many markets, foreign and otherwise, as so-called tourist attractions.

Britain will remember 2012 with pride. Eastbourne has made no contribution whatsoever.


Lindfield Road