Constructive criticism of Towner actually well-founded

As a previous active committee member of the Friends of the Towner, who was one of two responsible for having Elizabeth Muir-Lewis invited to join us, I was saddened to find she now finds it necessary to act as a press officer for the gallery.

She is confusing a so-called ‘hate campaign’ with well-founded criticism proffered by knowledgeable people in the field of art and members of the public who have visited numerous galleries in England, Europe and other parts of the world.

Their carefully considered evaluation has been constructive and not made simply to be destructive.

The monies given to the gallery have not been warranted since the reciprocity has been virtually zilch, despite her former protestations to the contrary, whilst under her watch it would appear that the membership of the Friends has decreased, as too have event attendances. This is no doubt due to the members having been shunted from pillar to post until now finding themselves in the Under Ground Theatre – providing they are not disabled.

I am however hoping the Friends will soon be able to enjoy an improvement in their facilities as a result of the original discussions that I personally conducted for a removal of events to the new Birley Centre.

Finally, I would doubt the reality in her stated view that the Towner is now in financial good shape.

Time will tell when the facts are made public by Eastbourne Borough Council.

Michael Harris

South Cliff.