Congratulations for top design

IN July 2009 I campaigned, unsuccessfully in the end, to retain the iconic ‘Sunny Lodge’ (also known as ‘Tower House’), at the junction of Cricketfield Road and Steyne Road in Seaford.

Along with others in the town, I still mourn the loss of this strangely described ‘three storey bungalow’, which, in 1892, was the in work of the over-ambitious Seaford Bay Estate Company, which also built the now long-gone seafront Esplanade Hotel.

The plans would have transformed Seaford in the late Victorian era from a quiet ‘town by the sea’ into a resort to rival Eastbourne or Brighton! However, I would now like to place on record how pleased I am to see the new homes built on the site.

The taller unit on the Steyne Road end of the new terrace goes some way to reflect the tower of the old house, and the materials and architectural detail throughout provide some interesting contrasts and continuities.

My interest in the site is an historical one and what was there before, but I understand the builder lives in Seaford, and is committed to providing well designed and built properties.

On this occasion I believe he has succeeded and should be congratulated. It’s a pity Seaford does not have a body like a Civic Society to recognise such quality developments with the potential to enhance the townscape, as opposed to the vast majority, which seem intent on making the town look like everywhere else by using unimaginative ‘off the shelf’ designs.


Meads Road, Seaford