Congratulate pier owner


From: R Beech

Tolkien Road

With reference to the letter from Malcolm Rasala, suggesting Abid Gulzar should stop whining, and sell the pier if he finds it a burden is a little naive to say the least.

The pier was on sale for ages with no buyers in sight and was just going further into decay until Mr Gulzar purchased it. Even our borough council was not interested in purchasing it, even with a “donation” of £2 million from David Cameron, preferring to waste many thousands of pounds on the lost cause restaurant at the Wish Tower, which most people don’t want anyway.

I suspect the reasoning behind this was that the pier was not a viable profitable proposition. To say that he is in it for the money is a bit strange, as entry to the pier is free, and I doubt that stall holders are being charged inflated rents as they would be empty, so where is he making all this money?

The pier is looking the best it has for years, and I understand that outstanding repairs are awaiting specialist items. Mr Gulzar should be congratulated and supported, not only by the public, but also the council.