Congested roads causing tension

I LIVE in Southbourne Rd and post letters in the post box at the Seaside end of Vine Square, which is not a square at all.

For me, aged 62, and totally able-bodied, this trip is like dicing with death.

A neighbour of mine was knocked down on the zebra crossing some years ago and a teenage girl was seriously injured there last spring, as I remember.

Tonight at approximately 8.20pm I crossed Seaside towards Vine Square using the zebra crossing. A small car, maybe a Corsa, stopped clearly reluctantly though. I then walked towards the letter box and a people carrier, driven by a young woman, swept past me at around 25-30mph as I was halfway across the Seaside/Vine Sq junction.

I posted my letters and crossed Seaside again, back towards Southbourne Road, only to be hooted at by somebody doing at least 40mph in a Lexus four by four warning me not to step onto the crossing. Admittedly better than meeting the fate of many a hedgehog.

That junction needs VERY close attention by the police for many weeks so that motorists, and I am one, get the message that they’d better be very careful approaching that area.

Part of the problem is that the traffic congestion on Seaside causes motorists to be frustrated.

The cause of the congestion is Tesco Extra and the design of bus stops, which stick out into the roadway preventing traffic from passing when a bus has stopped, is a daft idea if ever there was one.

The other cause of the problem is the generally abysmal standard of driving in eastern Eastbourne.

While writing I wish to draw your attention, and that of the police again, to my email of September 30 sent to officers, and, as far as I can tell, has been completely ignored by the local traffic officers.


Southbourne Road.