Condolences for loss of pet

WE wish to reply to Mrs Smith’s very sad letter in Eastbourne Herald (November 19).

My husband and I would like to offer our sincere condolences, on the sad loss of your beloved greyhound Sarah.

We too, own a black greyhound, and often frequent Hampden Park.

We, also, have encountered loose dogs of all kinds causing our greyhound distress, jumping up at her face, while the irresponsible owner takes no notice.

She is always kept on a lead and always muzzled, as she finds small dogs unnerving.

We feel there should be much more awareness to those irresponsible owners, that not all dogs want to play.

Those dogs that cause a nuisance to other dogs and their owners, should have them kept on leads, to prevent this very sad loss from ever happening again.

We can only hope that Eastbourne Borough Council will take measures to ensure and promote responsible ownership of their pets whilst in a public park.

We would suggest notices put up in the park to warn people to be in full control of their pets at all times.

Any dog, that does not return to re-call, should be kept on a lead.

And clearly visible notices of penalties should any dog attack another.

Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

Longstone Road