Concert was a pleasure for the choral society

ON behalf of the musical director and the members of Eastbourne Choral Society, I should like to thank a member of the audience who attended our concert on November 26 for taking the trouble to write to the Herald to say how much they had enjoyed the evening.

One of the few positive letters amongst so many negative ones!

We, like many other amateur organisations, strive to give to the people of Eastbourne high quality entertainment.

This comes at a cost, not only financially, but in the time and effort that it takes to organise and rehearse for such an event.

In these times when we read of so many negative issues – locally, nationally and internationally, we are so pleased that people find our concerts uplifting and enjoyable and, perhaps for an evening can let music help them to forget the troubled world around them.

We derive a great deal of pleasure from our singing and it is good to know that we give pleasure to those who come to listen.


chair of Eastbourne Choral Society.