Concerns over Seaford beach

Many thanks indeed for publicising my concerns about Seaford Beach in last weeks Gazette. I would like to re-emphasise the main issues .

In more than 50 years of direct experience of Seaford Beach I have never seen it in such an unstable condition, this being due basically to the EA’s treatment/management of it over the last 25 years. Due to regular “recycling” of the shingle by heavy plant movements most of the lower section of beach has now effectively worn to sand and gravel. At no stage has the EA undertaken a major replenishment of the shingle, despite the original scheme estimating that such would be required every 10 years or so.

The beach now consists of two distinct constituent parts, a hardened, compressed top half and a lower, very unstable bottem half, interfaced by an unstable and varying steepness bank. This make up is increasingly now resulting in extremely dangerous tidal surges at or around high tide, especially under benign conditions when of course the beach is used the most. Several promises have been made by the EA to at least incorporate a slope from the promenade towards the sea which undoubtedly would make for a more robust flood defence capability and easier water access for users.

Despite these concerns, to date the EA has continued to deny anything is wrong with the beach- I have made it clear that, heaven forbid, a drowning incident occurs (and you alluded to one close incident I personally have witnessed, but there have been others) I would hold the EA responsible.