Concerns over cavalier buses

Open letter to Stagecoach:

I am most concerned over your somewhat cavalier attitude towards your customers in Eastbourne.

If, as frequently happens, during the evening or on a weekend a bus gets delayed for some reason, there is no telephone enquiry line to find out its whereabouts.

The illuminated displays at stops haven’t worked since May yet a new one has been erected outside Morrison’s.

Though some Eastbourne Buses had GPS installed, Stagecoach seems to have given up on this innovation in favour of putting the ETA from the usual timetable on the boards – though Stagecoch can’t be bothered with that now.

As the buses frequently run very late, the fact this estimated time disappears from boards at the given time misleads passengers into thinking the bus has already gone.

On the Loop service, a disproportionate amount of the buses have no illuminated blind, normally replaced with a piece of paper saying Loop in the front window.

For the first time in the history of buses in Eastbourne, we have had no New Year’s Day services since Stagecoach took over.

In contrast, B&H have a Boxing Day service.

DAVE POOLE, Penhurst Close.