Concern over postal service

WHAT has happened to Eastbourne’s postal service?

I live in Stone Cross and our regular postman has been replaced with different post persons every day.

Our post now arrives between 1pm and 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

I have a work colleague who lives in Kent and we are sent correspondence from our head office at the same time but he always receives his post a day before I do.

We are told that it was necessary to increase the price of stamps to improve the service; we have never had such a bad service as we have today.

The average person has to use Royal Mail as there is no competition as far as I am aware in Eastbourne.

While driving through Kingston Village, near Lewes, the other day I past three Royal Mail vans delivering mail in the space of 400 metres.

Have any managers got any logistic experience?


Hamble Road, Stone Cross