Complying with Standing Orders

I AM very surprised at Ralph Taylor’s letter (June 1) where he states “the Liberal Democrats proposed at the council meeting of April 28 that a grant be given to the CAB for 2010/11”.

He knows full well that such a proposal could not be made because of the very careless drafting of a special motion by the Liberal Democrats to consider a grant to the CAB for 2011/12 only.

Standing Orders of the town council clearly state that no decision of the council can be amended except by a special motion by seven councillors which was not done in this case for the financial support for 2010/11.

This all goes back to the council meeting of the 20th January 2011 where there was a cross party agreement “To refuse the request for financial support for 2010/11 from the Seaford CAB”.

I can assure Ralph Taylor that the Conservatives Group was, and still is, very supportive of the CAB and party politics did not come into the decision making. It was purely complying with Standing Orders which the Liberal Democrats should have done.

I had hoped to keep out of the affairs of the town council, in my retirement, but I cannot sit back and allow such a distortion of the facts go unchallenged.

Laurie Holland

Former leader of the Conservative Group

Beacon Close, Seaford