Comparisons with Bexhill just don’t hold water

I must respond to Tony Crooks (‘Looking after our seafront asset’, Herald letters, September 2) who has compared the new developments at Bexhill with the seafront at Eastbourne.

The style of each town is totally different and their respective seafronts have completely different architectural styles.

The wonderful De La Warr Pavilion dominates at Bexhill and any programme of redevelopment needs to echo that.

Eastbourne, in contrast, has a sumptuous Victorian seafront with an iconic pier and beautiful bandstand flanked by an almost intact group of stuccoed hotel frontages.

It is very well preserved by the council and its beautifully maintained gardens add to the pleasure for both residents and visitors.

Changing this just for the sake of change would be disastrous, as I am sure the council and local preservation groups would agree.

This seafront is indeed the town’s greatest asset and an example for many other resorts of how to preserve architectural features whilst providing a programme of year-round attractions and events for visitors and residents.

As a seafront resident, I would like to congratulate Eastbourne Borough Council on its attention, maintenance and care.

The beautiful and unchanging promenade is the main reason why I and many other people have chosen to live in or visit the town.

Sad, unkempt and uncared for? Certainly not from where I am sitting.

Jane Lamb

Grand Parade.