Closure of HMV is the an end of an era

Can I be the only person that finds the end of HMV sad? Yes they may have not made right business decisions but I see it as an end of an era.

I am not saying that modern technology is a bad thing, the smart mobile and IPad or tablet are for someone my age mind boggling in their cleverness.

But as a teen my weekend was going into town to socialise with friends, perusing the aisles in Our Price, PowerPlay or Maryln Music for the yearned for single or album that you had been talking about all week.

What are we turning our children into, soon we will be like zombies, entering Tesco’s in our uniform of Superdry , Abercombie , Hollister and Jack Wills, all of the these brands under one roof, with Jessops in one corner and a Starbucks in another.

Again as a teen I used to go to jumble sales and thrift shops, and raid my Dad and my Grandad’s wardrobe for that unique look, yes in my homemade bandanas and wild wacky hats I expect I looked a little stupid but I was different and young and loved it and had ideas and thought for myself.

Look around to what is happening in your town, no one has a style, it’s all brand, brand, brand and being chuffed that you paid £40 for a t-shirt that hasn’t necessarily been made well just has a logo on it that everyone else is wearing and is most probably worth about £2.50 and the company has ripped you off.

Soon people will be wandering around with just a price tag round their neck as it has become a status thing to not actually like the clothing but to purchase it just to prove to people you can afford it.

What are we teaching our children about the society we live in? It certainly makes me wonder whether this is progress.

SARA JANE KING, Rotunda Road.