‘Climate of fear’ among NHS staff

Last week I attended a meeting on The Future of The NHS run by the ex-Labour party MP for Crawley Laura Moffatt.

Someone from Unison also spoke alongside someone from the RCN.

I have followed quite a lot of what is happening and is planned to happen, to the NHS service in the near future; but this meeting left me feeling really quite desperate to oppose the bill currently being debated in the House of Lords on reforms of the NHS.

Laura Moffatt, who is also a trained nurse and is now back practising again, spoke of a terrifying climate of fear among NHS staff at all levels.

Nurses are fearful for their jobs and fearful they will not be able to be able to do their jobs as well as they would like to, due to lack of resources. Huge changes that have already taken place were described and the predicted changes were equally frightening.

I know the NHS is not perfect but it is widely envied around the world. The system under which it is currently run has been shown to be the most cost effective systems for healthcare, unlike systems relying on competition between service providers.

Gordon Brown did not ‘spend all our money’ and not everything is ‘the fault of the previous government’. The economic climate does not make this the only way and it is not all due to the eurozone crises.

Don’t be taken in by the false myths the coalition feed us. Read the facts, look at what our local MP does as well as hear what he says he will do. Remember, none of us voted for these changes and we were promised that frontline NHS services would be protected.

I so value the NHS service. I want everyone to have faith in it and campaign to protect it before its too late.

Lucette Davies

Midhurst Road