Clearing up some misunderstandings

Further to the articles published on May 12 in both your publication with the heading ‘Pensioner Vows to fight Speeding Fine’, I wish to clear up some misunderstandings. Firstly, at no time did I ‘vow’ to fight the speeding charge or refuse to pay the £60 fine in the way the article portrays.

The reason I spoke to a member of your staff was to point out and to warn unsuspecting residents and visitors to Eastbourne of this particular speeding camera device which in my opinion is unfairly placed and catches out unsuspecting motorists in a particularly unfair way.

I am sure local residents are quite aware of the problem and take avoiding action as necessary.

The road in question is one the main feeder roads into Eastbourne, listed as the A2270.

The speed camera in question is situated at junction Willingdon Road/Beverington Road.

I was flashed on an evening in late September 2010 at approx 9.30pm. I felt that this was incorrect so I decided to contest the speeding notice with the police authority, with the following submission.

1. Insufficient distance between first change of speed limit signs and speed camera especially in darkness conditions.

2. Inadequate and unlit warning signage for entering a change of speed limit sector.

3. The accuracy of this specific speed camera device, as I did not consider I was speeding at this point and the speed shown on the notice was incorrect.

I requested information from the authorities to which I am entitled to under the Freedom of Information Act.

After some six months of continual asking for this information, to which an individual is entitled to under law.

I received only one of my requests, which showed that this particular camera had recorded 973 offences, four times more than any other camera in the Eastbourne area and in fact, practically the same amount as all the other eight cameras listed together: 978.

I was also informed that the Police Authority does not have any information concerning monies collected.

As far as my own speeding notice is concerned, I have now been informed by the Police Authority, they have withdrawn the notice and no further action will be taken.

Malcolm Joel

Bexhill on Sea