City fathers should halt Eastbourne’s decay

Your guest columnist Annabelle West waxes lyrically about the charms of Eastbourne, which she believes has been brought about by 10,000 Christians praying to God.

It is true Eastbourne is a lovely place but how much better it would be if the “city fathers” halted its decay. Even jewels need polishing from time to time.

The roads and pavements need extensive repairs, the Congress Theatre is dropping to bits, the Winter Garden and the Devonshire Park theatre are both appallingly shabby and a disgrace to the town, the Wish Tower restaurant is a wreck, the Bandstand is held up by splints and the Redoubt is in need of and extensive make-over.

Years go by and there is little sign of anything being done. We see the Council are proposing the fourth year running to keep the council tax at the same level.

Surely the councillors should realise that their municipal properties need large sums of money spending on them.

They should increase the council tax by sums sufficient to restore Eastbourne to the town Annabelle West sees though her rose coloured spectacles, as “a town fresh, vibrant and flourishing for everyone.” Councillors, ignore your political partnership and “Yah Boo” politics and together restore Eastbourne to its former glory!