Chuggers on our doorstep

In case no-one else is having this – as if it’s not bad enough being accosted by ‘chuggers’ (charity muggers) in our town centre – in our area we are now having it on our doorsteps.

Having seen these red tabarded young adults in our road I warned our neighbours, but no more than an hour later my bell went and a well modulated voice said ‘ Hello my name is Zoe and I am collecting on behalf of the Red Cross”.

These young people want not just pence but us to sign up to a direct debit for these charities – of course these people get paid or commission.

I sent them off when they asked for access to our flats, but how many of our elderly are signing up to direct debits because a well spoken group of students are asking for it on their doorsteps and they would feel rude closing the door on them.

We are all besieged by paper requests but at least we can make a choice at our leisure.

I donate to several charities but object strongly to this form of harassment and regrettably no longer donate to several because of this.

E DUDLEY, Sovereign Harbour.