Christmas is not just about turkey

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I AM keen to spread the message that I absolutely do not think that turkey is part of a traditional Christmas.

Indeed, it is quite a recent thing with goose often being the bird of choice until about 100 years ago. Only intensive farming made it cheap enough. We do not need to sacrifice the lives of other animals in order to enjoy ourselves.

Christmas is no different for me from any other time except as an excuse for a get-together with friends and family in the darkest time of the year.

I am a vegan and do not eat meat, fish or dairy products.

I personally do not like soya meat substitutes either and I believe that it can send the wrong message, although some of my friends do enjoy them, they are a good source of protein and help meat eaters to make the conversion.

For me fruits, a variety of roasted vegetables and chestnuts are good enough in themselves to make a tasty, nourishing and balanced Christmas meal.

Add some chocolate, dark, of course, and a drop of wine (vegan wines are readily available) and there you have it!

I hope that is enough to show that vegans are not misery guts. In fact, due to our diet, our guts, and health in general, tend to be rather better than the overworked ones of our carnivorous friends!

I urge everyone to save a few animals’ lives this Christmas - go vegan and the life you save might just be your own.


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