Choke hazard from balloons

May I, through your letters page, offer an apology for possibly embarrassing the grandmother I spoke to as she and her family left Starbucks on November 13?

The fact that her young grandson was being allowed to inflate and deflate a toy balloon, while it sat constantly in his mouth, was enough for me to throw aside my normal reticence and try to politely indicate the dangers of such actions.

I have witnessed the horror of a child starting to suffocate as the balloon is inhaled into the larynx and I was merely hoping that in this instance the balloon would be replaced by s afer toy.

Unfortunately there was no positive reaction from Granny who obviously thought I was just interfering, or mad.

There is a warning on all packets of toy balloons that they should not be used as a toy uninflated and that children under eight should be supervised while blowing them up.

I really needed my coffee after the incident – I was literally shaking with nervous reaction for a full five minutes after they left.

GAIL BALL, Columbus Drive.