Children unaware of the dangers

I HAVE lived in Eastbourne all my life and have always enjoyed the seafront and regularly take my two-year-old daughter along it. However, last weekend she was exceptionally lucky to have escaped from a serious injury when a cyclist almost ploughed into her.

We had been on the beach and left the pushchair at the top of the beach, on the pebbles I may add and not the promenade itself.

To come off the beach onto the prom you have to step onto and across the cycle track to reach the ‘walkers’ side.

My daughter was by my side and out of seemingly nowhere a lady appeared on her bicycle and promptly crashed and fell off missing my daughter by inches.

The lady was very apologetic and admitted she had panicked when she had seen my daughter at the side of the path.

Her companion also commented how fast she had been cycling when he caught up with her! The lady in question took quite a fall and I do not like to think what could have happened to my daughter.

Although I often have my daughter on reins she is now reaching the age where she needs to be able to walk independently and the seafront promenade should be ideal for this.

It is very difficult to try and explain to a two-year-old why they are not allowed to cross the line and must keep to one side, especially when the beach is often the place she wishes to reach.

I am extremely conscious that she doesn’t walk on the ‘wrong’ side of the prom but toddlers are not aware of the possible dangers.

Children should be able to enjoy the freedom of the prom safe in the knowledge they are not likely to be hit by a pair of wheels.

I fear if the cyclist track is extended accidents will become commonplace.


Princes Road