Check out the local businesses

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HAVE you noticed all of the beautiful, unique shops in Eastbourne? Neither have most people that live here; the general public would much rather buy from (and complain about) the multi-national chain stores that plague every town!

The result? Independent businesses, offering superior products/services, are being forced to close! Why? I can only imagine it is because people can’t be bothered to walk few feet further than Terminus Road, or they are afraid to try something different.

Did you know a cup of coffee at Le Billig on Grove Road is utterly delicious and cheaper than all the chain stores, or that they offer Soya milk, and gluten free alternatives?

How about All Elements, also on Grove Road? Did you know they stock some of the highest quality vitamins, minerals and herbs that you’ll find; as well as completely natural body care, while giving expert advice on all of their products?

No? Chances are you’ve been ignoring quite a few of the independents. Take a moment to think about where you spend your money, and then try supporting your local businesses for a change!

Victoria Ferguson

Longland Road, Old Town