Charity giving is still so vital

WE are so fortunate in this country not to suffer the effects of earthquakes, tsunamis and famine.

In these financially difficult times it may to some appear inappropriate to donate money to overseas charities when we as a nation are experiencing difficulties ourselves.

I am not writing for any specific charity, but just to ask your readers to consider making a small monthly donation to a charity of their own choosing by direct debit.

£3 to £5 a month is very little and it can make the difference between survival or dying of hunger and malnutrition.

Many a mickle makes a muckle as the saying goes – so why not be an unsung hero and join the ranks of the many people who quietly, without fanfare, help those who through no fault of their own suffer appalling conditions overseas.

It’s easy to do at your bank or go on line and find one of the charities that form part of the Disasters Emergency Committee.


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