Charity barbecue a moving experience

AS chairman and managing director of Lion Hotels, may I thank everyone who attended the charity barbecue at my farm in Pevensey.

First, I am very grateful to the Herald, who kindly agreed to publish my request asking for readers to nominate children and their families or carers worthy of a free evening.

My initial thoughts were to invite 25 families but the response was so large we ended up with more than 350 attending.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I think they must have done judging by the smiles I saw on the young people’s faces. It was a very moving experience for me.

As well as the various youngsters nominated through the Herald, I was also delighted to be able to invite people from CRUSE Bereavement Care, Children with Cancer Fund, based in Polegate, SASBAH (Sussex Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus) which does so much good work in Eastbourne, Rocking Horse Appeal, and the Bourne Free Youth Club based at Hampden Park.

I feel very fortunate I am in a position to help these charities, and am determined to do more in the coming months and years.

This was a major event in my life which brought me – and hopefully everyone who attended – so much pleasure. I have been in this country for 46 years and rarely have I felt so happy.


Chairman and managing director

Lion Hotels