Change attitude to pier owner


From: Jane Schulze

Commercial Road

I write in reply to the letter of January 26 written by Mr Malcolm Rasala “Sell pier if it is such a burden”.

Oh dear Mr Rasala, I really thought such negativity was in the past and we had now moved on. I feel you must live in cloud cuckoo-land if you imagine there to be a queue of people with overflowing bank accounts waiting to purchase our most attractive and elegant pier.

Mr Rasala, would you be a happier man if Mr Gulzar had not used his savings to purchase the pier and it had been left to become a rusty heap of metal which could well have been the case if Mr Gulzar had not resurrected it. Much of Eastbourne would be much the poorer if Mr Gulzar had not invested his money in our special and lovely town. I do implore you, Mr Rasala, and a few other still similar-minded negative residents to change their attitudes towards the pier and its owner.