Cautious welcome to Wish Tower plan

Being sad about the loss of the original Wish Tower cafe and its significance doesn’t make one a “moaning Minnie”.

There are still explanations due about the grant of an inappropriate business lease, failure to monitor and enforce its repairing covenants and the hasty demolition that closed down other options.

Now, however, as the saying goes, “we are where we are” and I think the latest proposals deserve a cautious welcome.

In particular, this would be a proportionate facility for ordinary people enjoying the seafront rather than an exclusive “signature restaurant” in an assertive building as originally envisaged.

Whilst the income won’t match the rent from the former building, at least the council will receive some income whilst retaining control and providing a service.

A remaining issue is the need for adequate indoor seating to give some respite from the cold and wind – very obvious last weekend!


Green Street.