Carers’ outing surprise to me

I HAVE been and still am a carer for my husband for a number of years, so was somewhat surprised to read the report in this week’s Herald, about the Carers Week, and the outing which had been arranged.

This was complete news to me - perhaps I am one of an unknown number of carers who have fallen through the net.

I have certainly never received any communication or literature to do with caring, so rather assume I am invisible to the organisations such as Carers UK.

I would be interested to know how they got hold of all the names and addresses of those who attended this outing?

My husband’s disability was caused by his contracting polio in his thirties.

He can still do certain things for himself, but would not be able to live alone, and would need carers coming in several times a day if I was incapacitated in some way - well, I hope this will not happen.

Ruth Cresswell

Granville Road