Carers lack recognition

AS one of thousands of relatives who are raising children who cannot be cared for by their parents, I feel we are not getting the recognition we deserve.

The issue of adoption is getting a lot of media attention, but many people don’t realise that when children are abused or neglected, or when parents have died or misuse drugs, it is usually grandparents or other relatives who step in to bring up children.

Family and friends carers give children stable and loving homes.

Research from Grandparents Plus shows two thirds of us struggle on very low incomes and we often give up work to care for children.

The current system of support is not working.

Politicians must create a fairer and more transparent system including financial allowances to keep children out of poverty.

Relatives who step in to raise vulnerable children save the country £12 billion by keeping them out of care.

Our families deserve a fairer deal for the sake of these forgotten children.


New Road.