Care for the carers is available...

I WRITE in response to Ruth Cresswell’s letter in last Friday’s Herald, as I was saddened to hear that she had not been made aware of support that she is entitled to as a carer.

Ruth also asked how Carers UK selected the carers they invited to 10 Downing Street to mark Carers’ Week.

Carers Week is a national event, organised by a group of national charities who work with and represent carers.

My understanding is that Carers UK invited some of its members from across the county to 10 Downing Street.

You can become a member of Carers UK via its website:

Care for the Carers is the Carers’ Centre for East Sussex – we provide free information, advice and support to local people looking after a relative or friend with a long term illness or disability.

Many carers find it hard to take a break from their caring role, which can also affect their own health.

Not knowing what will happen if you were to be incapacitated in some way is also a very real worry.

We can help to put systems in place that can provide some peace of mind. All too often unpaid carers do ‘fall through the net’, as Ruth described in her letter.

I would like to encourage Ruth and other carers reading this to make contact with us – you can reach us by telephone: 738390, email:, or online:

Jennifer Twist

Partnerships manager

Care for the Carers

St Leonards Road