Can we have our shops back?

WHILE shopping at the chemist in Pevensey Bay Village I noticed another two shops have closed.

In the last 10 years we have lost our butchers, greengrocers, hardware shop, second-hand shop, bank and betting shop.

In their place we get a shop selling dress jewellery and trinkets (which has since closed, hardly surprising), a foot spa of all things, with fish nibbling your toes! I now hear a nail bar is to open!

Already frustrated with the loss of our HSBC bank and cash machine, and lengthening queues at the post office, this just feels like a joke no-one’s in on.

When the closure of the bank was reported there was talk of ‘other arrangements being made’.

Since that time at the beginning of December, when the worst of the weather was upon us, nothing was done.

If you don’t have a credit card the post office accepts you have no choice but to go elsewhere, either by bus to Asda or walking to the garage on the A259, where there is no pavement in places and you face the danger of crossing the roads at the roundabout. Walking was not an option for anyone young or old, in that awful weather!

When the 1066 shop enquired about installing an ATM machine in his shop, he was quoted such expensive security measures and dramatic increases in insurance premiums it was beyond his reach.

I, along with everyone else, appreciate the turmoil businesses are undergoing at this time but when are we going to have shops in this village that are essential i.e. a butcher, greengrocer, hardware shop and a bank?

If the businesses we have can survive and profit, and there are three Indian restaurants and three hairdressers as well as two cafes and four pubs all competing for trade, surely those we need should be able to as well.

I don’t know if the council is able to help with perhaps foregoing business rates for a year or at least reducing them until worthy businesses are established. This would be an incentive to acquiring a cash machine in one of the shops were the council to assist in some financial way.

While we have a village would it not be a good idea to provide something the residents can use?

Roy K. Aldridge

Coast Road, Pevensey Road