Can’t we show flexibility over parking?

It would be faulty logic to compare Terry Waite’s last well known tussle with the power brokers of the modern world with the intransigence of the parking administrator’s office. Could they be encouraged to bend in the rather special circumstances he described in his letter?

Since early autumn there have been roadworks littering the seafront, Seaside and one horrendous one at Polegate amongst many others throughout the town.

The wind and rain of the past months have flattened the many signs, and in fact some have been seen skittering down the roads a good long way from home.

Visitors to the town do not know how zealous a town’s parking culture is. It all looks fairly laid back in Eastbourne, but once they get their teeth into you, you’ve had it.

It seems a shame that a person who showed amazing courage in adversity could not be shown just a little flexibility, or do we have to get stuck into a ‘rules is rules’ situation.

We do not want people leaving Eastbourne saying ‘I shan’t go there again’ – especially influential people since they do not just say it to themselves, under their breath, but they relate the incident to respected colleagues and other travellers.