Can anyone help me over accommodation?

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I would like to make an appeal please to any Landlord in Eastbourne who has a flat to let, preferably long term, legally and directly with me.

Currently, Estate Agents are unable to assist me find accommodation as my rent is paid by the council.

This is not a situation I am used to as having been employed and a tax payer all my adult life, because of my diabetes I am currently unable to work.

The council do not consider me to be “vulnerable or at risk” and therefore are not able to offer me any assistance.

This of course makes me extremely anxious and concerned at the prospect of living on the streets, bearing in mind my need to control the diabetes.

My present accommodation, in which I have lived for the last seven years, is being sold at the end of August and I will then, along with all my possessions, be homeless.

I have a good relationship with my landlord who will be happy to provide me excellent references, as he has little to do in the flat, as I have kept it clean, tidy and decorated, but unfortunately due to his own personal circumstance finds he has to sell it.

I am 58 years old, lived and worked in the UK for most of my life, paid all dues as expected, and am not in debt. I am desperate for and in need of help, as all the above circumstances are not of my making and I feel I have no where else to turn.


Rockhurst Drive.