Can anyone find my priceless bike?

I have been the custodian of a circa 1930s bicycle, the type favoured by the police in times gone by – in fact, it may well have been a police bicycle.

Easily recognisable by its big black frame, sit up and beg handle bars, rod brakes, a leather Brooks saddle and Sturmey Archer gears, it has been in my family for some 45 years, used regularly and never needed repairs.

Well this all changed last Tuesday (October 4) when I foolishly left it outside the Sovereign Centre between 10.30am and 11.30am and was distraught to find it had been taken.

Remarkably there is no external CCTV at the Sovereign Centre. obviously a fact known to others. I was surprised and shocked that a bit of obvious cycling history fell foul of an opportunist bike thief.

It is possible that it was ridden off somewhere and dumped. I have been searching for it, sadly as yet without success.

I would therefore ask the good folk of Eastbourne, if they should happen to see this unique old bike anywhere (I have never seen one like it in use in Eastbourne) if they could let me or the Gazette/Herald know. I would be very grateful.

Even better, if the person who took this delightful old bike realised how important it is to my family, they might quietly return it to the Sovereign Centre.

I would be equally thankful.

Douglas Murdoch

98 Royal Parade