Campaign to safeguard Seaford health services

IN CONTINUATION of the campaign for improved health services in Seaford, a non-partisan Campaign for Action on Seaford Health (CASH) group is being formed.

It is hoped that by launching the health campaign action group CASH, we will be able to expand the efforts and hopefully be able to take the campaign to the upper echelons of power, for example to the Health Secretary in Whitehall and as far as Westminster.

The voices of the people of Seaford must be heard.

Please come and support us and give us a wider non political voice to stand up and be counted.

This campaign launch event will enable the people of Seaford, to come together and collect our thoughts as a community, to decide what immediate services are of priority and help build a town-based consensus from which to continue the campaign for improved health services in Seaford.

Give us the mandate to work in partnership with the professionals as decisions are made.

We will be having a launch event on May 11 at 6.30pm at Cross Way Church, Steyne Road, Seaford BN25 1HT.

The event will be attended by our MP Mr Norman Baker as well as various health practitioners

SAM ADENIJI, Buckle Drive, Seaford.