Cabinet’s skatepark meeting was a farce

I attended the council’s cabinet meeting on Wednesday September 7. This cabinet, it must be remembered, is the controlling Liberal Democrats’ cabinet.

I did so because of my interest in the outrageous proposal of the mayor to inflict a skatepark on Upperton residents and into the quiet beauty of Manor Gardens, together with my continued concern at the deceit of the council’s controlling group as to this last minute imposition.

The following may be of interest to those who were unable to attend this farce. The cabinet chose to completely ignore the many letters of concern sent to the Town Hall presented to them on the night by Councillor Tom Liddiard. They were not even read.

Cabinet members seemed confused as to the site being in Gildredge Park not Manor Gardens. One member said, “They are the same aren’t they?”. Unbelievable.

This was followed by claims the alternative Longland Road site would be ‘too windy’. It seems the youth of today mustn’t be blown upon less they catch a chill. This problem appears not to confront the users of the Sovereign skatepark on the seafront.

I was disappointed to learn the mayor, who claimed she had been in contact with the skateboarders for two years, did not feel it necessary to seek the feelings of Upperton residents as to her proposals during that same two-year period.

I was also saddened to hear the mayor, who I understand should be apolitical during her term of office, repeatedly making loud and derisory comments when councillors Liddiard and West, spoke against the proposal.

Madam mayor, I have to ask – how does it feel that you will now be party to allowing the peace and tranquillity of Manor Gardens, enjoyed by so many since Georgian times, to be destroyed forever and how can you fail to concern yourself with the feelings of those who it will most affect?

Upperton residents – may I alert you that plans for this skatepark are now with the planning department, which should display details so you can register your disapproval.

Please note ‘should’. We shall see but don’t hold your breath.

Michael Loxley-Harding

Brightland Road