Buy the right bird food

Re: Herald September 20 Who Needs Alarm Clock. So the real Victor Meldrew has finally revealed himself.

No chance of seeing blackbirds or thrushes in his garden, in a bad mood due to lack of sleep.

Sunday September 22 8am: I am a neighbour being judged, this is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It was a beautiful, still, early autumn morning. The sky was full of swallows and martins, diving on flies and insects. It was like a scene from the Battle of Britain.

I emptied the uneaten food from the cat’s dish onto the patio and returned to the house for a cup of tea. It was not long before two blackbirds were busy clearing up the cat’s food before returning to the lawn to search for worms.

Not a gull to be seen or heard and I thought, how is it only 50 feet away Mr Sheppard does not see any of this. Then a robin, standing proudly on the bird bath embraces the surroundings before taking a dip. So, David, instead of shopping your neighbours, do your shopping at the local pet store, select the food to suit the birds you love to study and enjoy them.


Ashgate Road