BUSES: Disgusted with the service

Last Friday a number of passengers were waiting for the 4.49 51 to the South Harbour.

As is very often the case it hadn’t arrived by 5.15. There was an “inspector” (an official looking man holding a clip board), adjacent to the bus stop.

Passengers were getting annoyed that again they were having to wait for the extremely poor service. I went to the inspector and asked what had happened to the bus and he told me it was due to an accident and that the bus had to be diverted making it late.

Another passenger asked him and was told the same thing. We were absolutely gobsmacked that he had been standing alongside the bus stop and didn’t have the common courtesy to advise the waiting passengers what had happened and why the bus was yet again late!

On this occasion it was unfortunate the bus was delayed but we could have been told why.

I am utterly disgusted with the almost non-existent service we have to put up with a lot of the time.


Grenada Close.