Buses: council has ‘no control’

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I CANNOT answer J. Dudley’s question about the new scanners on the buses other than to point out that Eastbourne council sold the bus company to Stagecoach in 2008 (for a profit of £1.1 million, contrary to some publicity at the time) and therefore has no control over what the company now does.

So, no, it is not a ploy for Eastbourne council to abolish free transport for the elderly.

In fact, the council has an excellent record of supporting this scheme by extending it to allow the over 60s, the disabled and carers to travel from 9am onwards instead of the statutory 9.30am.

Let us hope that the Tory-controlled county council will continue to do this when it takes responsibility for the scheme this coming April.

Councillor Gill Mattock, Portfolio holder

for financial services,

Eastbourne Borough Council