Bus service needed to serve community

A CORRESPONDENT (July 20) writes that if Eastbourne had a fast train service from/to London we would get more visitors.

Perhaps that would help because our local bus provider Stagecoach obviously isn’t working in our favour.

If I live anywhere west of Horsebridge my last bus leaves town at 6.43; north of Heathfield 5.28 and eastwards towards Hastings including nearby Pevensey Bay 7.45pm.

On Sunday and Bank Holidays the services 54 (Uckfield) and the 51 (Tunbridge Wells) cease altogether; while the 99 (Hastings) runs just one an hour. Yes, I can get a train to Hastings and Tunbridge Wells but surely the idea of a bus service is to serve the community not neglect it!

Yet Brighton & Hove Buses seem to take an entirely different view with buses leaving town up to 11pm even on a Sunday; and not only us but Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells as well (how can we compete with Brighton when they are served so well by their buses).

If we’re going to have a new shopping centre and a restructure of Devonshire Park how about a decent bus service for both the itinerant visitor and local alike.


Lewes Road