Bus lanes just the latest madcap traffic scheme

HAVING read the article about the proposed bus lane in Kings Drive in a bid to alleviate traffic congestion, I will be interested to see how they achieve this when most of the traffic methods they have taken previously have worsened traffic conditions and not improved them. Some bizarre, some downright stupid and others a waste of money.

I will begin our journey from Hampden Park along Kings Drive where we arrive at the hospital roundabout. From the Eastbourne approach this roundabout is situated perfectly, every motorist getting in the correct lane, so far so good.

But from the Hampden Park approach this roundabout is too far out to the left.

To have alleviated this and the congestion it causes with a bit of foresight they could have made a slip road prior to the roundabout leading off into the hospital and Cross Levels Way and the roundabout could have been positioned better as a result.

If we continue for a little way along Cross Levels Way we come to a roundabout which is the Eastbourne Folly, a monument to forward planning and unnecessary maintenance.

It must be the only roundabout in the world which makes you continue on the road you’re already using.

Continuing our journey on from the hospital roundabout towards Eastbourne we come across a speed camera in the middle of the road situated on a couple of large road islands, encouraging pedestrians to cross when all motorists eyes are looking at their speedometer and not the road ahead.

The next roundabout at Whitley Road is also situated wrong, in turning right into Upper Avenue one has to almost do a U turn to achieve this.

If no other traffic is around its easier to go to the right of the roundabout and not even touch it.

Then when we arrive at the Firle Road turn off two parallel lines have been painted in the road. If motorists do not get between these, which often they don’t, it causes congestion as others cannot pass. From the Eastbourne direction those wishing to turn right cause congestion as they cannot do otherwise but block the following traffic.

There are traffic lights at this junction why aren’t they programmed to alleviate this?

In Kings Drive we have also been given the chicken and egg conundrum. Only this time it is, which came first the road island or the bus stop? Just before the Selmeston Road turn off, the bus stop is virtually opposite the road island causing traffic to swing out on a part of the road they should not be on and then turn quickly across the face of the bus to avoid demolishing the road island.

Moving on now to Lottbridge Drove and the Seaside roundabout: those wishing to turn right into Seaside from the Drove are faced, when having got half way round the roundabout, with a giant arrow in the road directing them to go back the way they have just come.

From Seaside turning left into Lottbridge Drove is a perfectly good slipway, but in the planners wisdom this is now blocked off which causes more congestion and pollution.

If the planners are correct then all the motorway designers are wrong. Then from the Sovereign Centre down to the Seaside turn off, all motorists are told to keep to the outside lane. Why? This defies logic.

This again causes congestion and using up more fuel than the level crossing at Hampden Park.

Finally a pop at the speed cameras in Kings Drive. Aren’t they supposed to be situated at accident black spots?

The only fatality unfortunately within living memory was a policeman.

I’m surprised the planners haven’t come to the conclusion to ban all police from using this stretch of road.


Meadowlands Avenue.