Bus firm drives me round bend

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I TRAVEL from Eastbourne to just outside Bexhill for work and rely on the Stagecoach bus.

The service is normally pretty bad but has got far worse, mainly because of the current roadworks between the two.

Generally the buses are late and two often arrive at once after a 40 minute wait. I have to leave about 35 minutes before I need to be at work because the service is frequently out of kilter.

However, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse we have the unpleasant attitude of some of the Stagecoach staff. They seem to be chosen for this route as some sort of personal punishment.

They fall into two groups. The first has fewer members and are generally friendly and responsive.

The second, larger, group members are inevitably older, look like they have experienced a very shattering day (even if it’s 8.30 in the morning) or have some natural dislike of anyone who pays them their fare. They never acknowledge you, never say please or thank you and are normally monosyllabic.

I have a friend who is a scientist and he has suggested they may be suffering from eternal grumpyism.

One wonders if Stagecoach does not train its staff properly or is only interested in collecting as much money as subsidy whilst offering the minimum in basic customer service.

I understand the company is now active in the USA. If so, they will find that our American friends expect a fair higher level of service.

Terry Griffiths

Royal Parade