Bully for Brian and Stephen

In relation to the smiley photo of Stephen Lloyd and Brian May last week: These guys are prominently supporting the abandonment of the badger cull – bully for them!

I hear nothing about the dairy herd farmers’ problems that are rapidly becoming our problem. Badgers are natural carriers of TB and their growing presence is notably affecting the viability of dairy herds as increasing numbers of cattle contract the illness and have to be put down.

Farming especially the dairy herds are under tremendous pressure to stay viable and without understanding and help circumstances will impose a significant reduction of the industry.

They say badgers suffer in a cull – what do they feel for the cattle that have to be put down as a result of being infected?

Will they now support closing highways that mow down badgers at will?

How will they explain to the British public why dairy farming as a business is dying and increasing acres of land are becoming unproductive?

What would Stephen and Brian say if the TB gene mutates to be passed from badgers to humans? I’m sorry boys, with you two influencing the nation’s opinion I am fearful for a viable agricultural future.

MICHAEL MORLAND, Pierpoint Mews.