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Email your letters to us

From: C Burton

Cabot Close

I am writing this in response to the letter about Airbourne written by Tony Spiegal in last Friday’s Herald.

Mr Spiegal clearly despises Eastbourne, its inhabitants and especially the annual airshow.

His loathing is so apparent that one wonders why then he continues to reside here.

On the subject of the RAF, the amazing Red Arrows are always the highlight of Airbourne.

The pilots are all serving members of the RAF and yes, as Mr Spiegal rightly points out, they have ‘been there and done that’ both above the skies of Eastbourne and in the theatre of war.

Mr Spiegal should brush up on his history of WW2 and then he would discover what part the RAF played at Dunkirk and how many pilots sacrificed their lives trying to protect the men on the beaches. I can’t believe Mr Spiegal doesn’t perceive Airbourne benefits the town given the hundreds of visitors it draws in as well as local folk all keen to enjoy the aerial spectacle.

As regards us local folk, we’re not living in the past we are learning from it and enjoying the memory of it whilst embracing the new: rock on the Tribute Bands, the Proms at the Redoubt, the Big Band sounds, the Festivals.

There is something for everyone regardless of age.

I was particularly struck and a bit shocked by Mr Spiegal’s reference to waterboarding which seems a very extreme comparison.

Has he been victim to this at some point in his life?

Perhaps that is why he comes across as such a misery and maybe we should feel sorry for him.

Whatever you feel however I wouldn’t suggest sending him one of the DVDs produced by the borough council of last year’s Airbourne to cheer him up!