Bruce would do well to recognise Hippodrome role

SO Bruce Forsyth was working in a “shabby little theatre in Eastbourne” (not sure of the exact quote as I was taken by surprise) all those years ago when he was starting out in the entertainment world. (100 years of the London Palladium, BBC 2. New Year’s Eve).

Many of us remember him well, for he was a regular performer at the ‘Royal Hippodrome’ as it was then, now sadly just ‘the Hippodrome.’

Mr Forsyth would do well to recall that it was the Royal Hippodrome, along with hundreds of similar theatres around the country, that enabled him to develop his long career in show business.

Recognition by him of their importance would be of more value than his derogatory comment about a theatre that is still entertaining residents of and visitors to Eastbourne and we hope will be still doing so when he and I are long gone.

He ‘did not do well’ with that remark and displayed to all why he is unlikely to get that cherished knighthood.

Roy James

Lawrence Close