Bruce was a real gentleman

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Email your letters to us

From: Susanna Charles

St Annes Road, Willingdon

Many years ago, at weekends, Mrs Mac, Mrs Glovers, a male ex-teacher and myself took Meads Language School students to Heathrow to catch their planes home.

Also, collecting students to bring back to Eastbourne. On one occasion I collected a distraught Spanish boy whose case was lost. I left him with the group and proceeded to the information desk.

A gentleman in front of me had lost his golf clubs. I explained my student had lost his case. I was told to go to baggage control. As I went, the man in front turned and asked, ‘Do you know where to go?’

I said no. ‘Come with me,’ he said. He asked about my weekend job and told me he had been playing golf with Lance Percival in Scotland and his clubs had been lost in transit.

He was very charming and had amazing periwinkle blue eyes. We got to baggage control and he explained about the student’s case (it was sent to the coach very quickly).

As I turned away the baggage person said, ‘We have located your clubs Mr Forsyth, they will be up in a minute.’ I had had no idea this charming man was Bruce Forsyth – a real gentleman.